UAV systems

Versatility ensures that the system can be used for a range of different tasks

UAV applications:

  • anti poaching
  • Energy industry
  • Agricultural and forestry
  • Homeland security
  • over-the-hill reconnaissance
  • Nature and environmental
  • protection
  • Event security
  • security and police
  • Army operations
  • Fire department
  • Rescue services

and many more…

optimize and expand

  • part molding and CAD constructions
  • Drone frame assembly
  • special engineering of aluminum Cooling Parts
  • development of RF systems on demand
  • Antenna Systems for ultra long range Transmitting
  • PCB board manufacturing

construct and develop

  • custom payloads for various Lightweight CAM Systems
  • Smart Battery options for multiple missions
  • Hot Swap payload
  • stall landing stability up to 6G
  • ultra long range flight endurance
  • Body Foaming and inhouse assembly

flight control and monitoring

  • Ground Station CAD development
  • customized design on demand
  • OEM Manufacturing
  • various remote control system available
  • Multiple CaseDesigns
  • trollies, carrying cases, oversize transport cases

recent projects